Monday, March 8, 2010

Calf's Head Recipe

Calf's Head

"Soak it in cold water for an hour, take out the brains, scrape the head, pin it lightly into a floured cloth, and boil it in six quarts of water. Tie the brains up separately in a cloth. Boil the head two hours, then add lights, liver, and brains and boil two hours more. The large bones will now come out of the head.

Put into a quart of the boiling liquor half the liver chopped fine, the brains mashed with a spoon, a pint of cream thickened with half a teacup of flour, salt, sweet marjoram, and a little mace, and boil them all together. Then add the juice of two lemons, or two spoonfuls of vinegar. Skin the tongue, divide the liver and head, pour part of the gravy over them, and put the rest in a butter boat.

Scraped horse-radish and sliced lemons are the garnishings for this dish.

Bon app├ętit!

*Christianity in the Kitchen: A Physiological Cookbook, Mann, Mary Tyler Peabody, 1838, Boston: Ticknor & Fields, pp.138-9.