Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fairuz: Yet Another Version of Polyshko Polye

I have previously mentioned various versions of my favorite Russian song, Polyshko Polye (Полюшко Поле) here and here.

I've just found out about the Arabic version called Kānu Yā Habībī (كانوا يا حبيبي) by Fairuz of Lebanon, arguably the most famous singer in the Arab world. A very Russian song sung this way is very, very interesting.

Incidentally, the first Arabic song I've learned to sing (as part of my Arabic training) happens to be one of Fairuz's classics (see below). I can never pull off the way she emotes when performing without giggling like an idiot, though. But this is Fairuz; this is her signature style.

Here's her famous Habaytak Bi Sayf (حبيتك بالصيف) or "I Love You in the Summer" (Go here, if you want to know the meaning of this (kind of) sad song.