Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Don Giovanni -- The Commendatore Scene: A Round-Up

This one above is my top favorite of all time. Great makeup and costume on Il Commendatore. I adore Kurt Moll in this, and, if I'm not mistaken, this was his last role before he retired from opera.

A close second would be this one below. Don Supermani, anyone?

More versions below.

I really like this one with Il Commendatore entering from the hall entrance and exiting the same way with Don Giovanni on his shoulder (whoa). But is it too much to ask that Leporello be a little more frightened?

Now this one. Great performance. Also, how do you like Mozart's Don Giovanni + Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity? Heh.

I actually was in the audience of the performance captured in the clip below.

I like this version too.

This one is ... I don't know. Just watch.

This one (circa 1954) is just as slooooooow as the one right above it.

This one is also great even though Leporello totally flubs his first line.

This one is great.

This one. (Sigh) The budget has apparently gone into the horse part of the statue, leaving just enough to buy a pathetically small table under which Leporello is to hide.

One more.

Then this one -- featuring Il Commendatore surrounded by bikini babes, Don Giovanni in pajamas, and Leporello in an argyle sweater.

Lastly -- did you know this existed because I sure didn't? -- a Karaoke version of the Commendatore Scene. The video does not allow embedding, so if you'd like to sing, you've got to mosey over here.